RoadKill Race Simulator

Description of RoadKill Race Simulator Roadkill is an animals that have been struck and killed by motor vehicles driven by humans on highways. In this game you should avoid these animals: chickens, rabbits, cows, boars, stags, sheeps, bears…For a strange reason, these animals are on the road in a danger situation…but you are a good driver and you'll not struck them.Or it must be your intention, because with each hit, your car, it's damaged. And with so many blows in the car, it's possible that finally it explodes ..But don't worry, you can buy another cars with better energy through the points that you win in each end game.You begin with a sport car, after with a pick-up, and finally with a truck.Game features:- Motion control of a car in a simulator game- Simulating device movement- Score Points- Energy Panel- Nice Graphics- Great sounds- Pause Button- Many animals in the scene: chickens, rabbits, cows, boars, stags, sheeps…Enjoy RoadKill Simulator, enjoy this game!

Download APK(29.95MB)

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