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Description of Kids Learning Games & Stories ? ? with Leo LEO WORLD is kids 👶 learning skills thru games 🎲 🎮 at home 🏠Leo World app games offers your family a safe, fun, educational, environment, that is skill based, game enhanced, interactive fun focused on kids, primarily toddlers and preschoolers.It is a free offline game filled with lots of learning and fun! Developed for toddlers and preschoolers, there are plenty of learning activities games and interactive stories for your little ones to enjoy and grow with.You will find games that teach numbers, letters, logic and gives kids development a fun way of using games, stories and puzzles to grow intellectually into advanced skilled children, ready to continue learning throughout their lives, all while in the comfort of your home.Let your kids enjoy learning new skills, with fun, creative games, that provide many extra portions of fun educational puzzles that teach your children ALPHABET and NUMBERS, while helping to encourage their imagination, all from a safe home environment.LEARNHours and hours of skill based learning of numbers, letters, colors, thru structured game play.Kids learn pattern recognition, letter usage, and verbal skills, thru games that relate to their family’s daily lives most importantly kids will find learning fun!» Count with Olivia from 1 to 10 (Learn numbers from 1 to 10).»Help Mommy Elephant collect grocery store items (Learn to count).» Help Leo to find the numbers that are hiding in the forest (Learn what the numbers look like).» Learn ABC…Z with Leo (Learn alphabets from A to Z).» Fun coloring the letters ABCDEF… and more will come on the next versions.» Puzzle matching, connect each picture to its matching image.» Kids Learn Alphabets and will learn Numbers from one to ten.» Kids Number Counting Game.» Kids Letter Matching Game.PLAYThis segment refines skills needed to allow kids to solve problems, learn pattern recognition, make appropriate choices all by interactive fun instructional game play.Creativity is nurtured through game play that allows the imagination to form endless scenes of characters in relatable activities, all selected from the menu at the top of the screen.» Move the blocks to allow Father Elephant out of the parking lot.» Reassemble ancient bones to have interesting information about them (Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, T Rex, Pterodactylus and Ichthyosaurus).» Coloring Squares with the right colors to make a picture.» Create your own picture with the stickers from the top of the screen.READING STORIESThis segment verbalizes in, captivating story form the lessons that reinforce problem solving, pattern arrangements, numbers in sequence and social interactions, all thru fun stories, as well as, challenging games.Kids will love to see themselves in the characters that bring to life ways of acquired their new knowledge.Fun games at the end of each story helps develop kids understanding of numbers, spatial relationships, making creative choices and learning the skills necessary to continue a lifetime of fun educational instruction.» Story no 1 “Where Is Leo?” and fun activity at the end of the story teach the child to count from one to ten» Story no 2 “Hello”, and fun activity at the end teaching the child to arrange from bigger to smaller or from smaller to bigger.» Story no 3 “Just Like Me”, and fun activity at the end of the story for decorating a cake.With our kindergarten learning games kids learn the numbers & phonics.Play number learning games for kids for free on android today!Adults also will enjoy helping Kids Learn on this game.*** DO YOU LIKE OUR game? ***Help us and take a few seconds to rate it and write your opinion on Google Play.Our Website : our list of games: Privacy Policy: would like to hear from you on :

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