Klip Klop

Description of Klip Klop Let's clean up Acil! CLEANING UP Let's help Acil clean up his room! Acil must tidy up her room and keep everything in her place. Do you want to help? Come on, clean up this room! CLICK CLOP Let's arrange these toys in sequence! Acil is picking up her toy. He wants to put these blocks in his container. You can help Acil, really! Just pick these blocks and return them to the appropriate containers. SMILE ACIL Let's pick any item that can make Acil smile! Want to pay attention to what can make Acil smile? Select objects around Acil that can make Acil smile … DECAL Choose pictures, arrange as you please, and … voila! Be a masterpiece! Fun, right? Hey, on this sticker, you can arrange your own pictures that you like! Then you can print! Select and paste the sticker, yuk! Exclamation, right? BINOCULARS Come on, we see the far thing through the binoculars! Take a peek, then what would it be like! Binoculars are useful for seeing something far away to look close. Want to try to see something far away on the screen? Tap the binoculars and see for yourself, yes! Fun, yes, trying to see through the binoculars … Smart Toddlers – Click Clips is designed for 3-5 year olds with the goal of stimulating the child to do the cleaning by being exemplified through the game, getting to know the work of binoculars, also sorting things

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