Jurassic Pet: Virtual Dino Zoo

Jurassic Pet: Virtual Dino ZooJurassic Pet: Virtual Dino ZooJurassic Pet: Virtual Dino ZooJurassic Pet: Virtual Dino ZooJurassic Pet: Virtual Dino Zoo

Description of Jurassic Pet: Virtual Dino Zoo *** GET READY FOR AN EPIC EGG HATCHING & DINO TAPPING ACTION ** This is your isle! The park middle of the sea and your task is populate it with jurassic, triassic & mesozoic creature monsters! Every egg holds new dinosaur specie or even more! *** The ParkWho will you get? Maybe a Velociraptor, a Triceratops or a Sea Creature?You never know which creature comes to your Park. Is it Carnivorous or Herbivores? Lives in Jurassic, Triassic or Mesozoic era? No matter, hatch all these unstoppable hunters & beasts and take care of them! Once you hatch all the species & discover your park and share with your friends how your jurassic, triassic or mesozoic era park looks like! *** The Dino World:Hatching and coloring dinosaurs are fun! Control every pixel of your Dinos with alter their DNA.Every Dino who hatched is a great survival!*** The AdventureYou can take back a little bit of history! No hunting leave your dinosaur's life and pet them!The Jurassic PET game has its unique art style and addictive incremental tapping progress game with a fun twist! Tap on the first DINO EGG and HATCH it! Place it to her new dino place! and repeat! Breed a new DINO and feed her! These cute pixel monsters await for you! Repopulate your kingdom and never leave it to be fallen!Features:- Fun and addictive incremental gameplay- Unique 3D art style- Jurassic, Triassic & Mesozoic creatures- Share Your Progress! – Tap, tap, tap faster than your FRIENDS and SHARE IT to the world!- DNA sequencer- Fun Lucky Wheel! – Breed hostile carnivores like T-REX, RAPTORS and other DINO with some DNAPopulate and control the your new JURASSIC, MESOZOIC or TRIASSIC DINO PARK, with 3D T-Rex, Raptors and other Dinos.Jurassic Pet seemingly endless & fun gameplay will allow you to play for an indefinite amount of time. ** HAPPY DINO EGG BREEDING ** ENJOY IT **The evolution is never stopping! Tap and go further!Thank you all for playing with our game and placing feedbacks! All feedbacks got a warm welcome and we write a reply to it.Follow us on Facebook and TwitterLIKE AND FOLLOW US ON ➡️ FACEBOOKand TWITTERPlanned upadtes:- Sea creatures and Megalodon!Features and Updates:v1.99.93- The halloween hunting season is over! v1.99.91- Halloween level! Trick or treats! Discover your pumpkin decorated and painted pets cages!v1.99.8- New camera system, to watch your Breed closer!v1.99.2- New DNA altering system! Gold, Pink, Silver pigment color? No problem!v1.98- You can take a closer look to your Dinosaurs!- More fun with lucky wheel!v1.95- New reward at the Egg selector- Collect diamonds!v1.94- Fixed crashes on certain devices!- New Tap system, less bugsv1.93- New Dino eggs!v1.5- New mini game – Cups and Balls- New mini game – Fun Dino Pinball Gamev1.3- Redesigned settings menu with- Battery saver mode- Performance modes can be changed (slow, medium, beautiful) – Stability improved on Android 4.4 devicesV1.2 – – Minor fixes- Added new Dinos (2 species):- Dimetrodon- VelociraptorV1.1 – animals added to the park- Performance fixes on Android 4.4- Added new Dinos (4 species):- Pterodactylus Triceratops Macroplata Stegosaurusv1.0 – animals add to the park- New Dinos (4 species):- Ankylosaurus- Raptor- T-Rex

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