Bubble Shooter

Description of Bubble Shooter You can play Bubble Shooter to relieve stress. Each episode a new adventure awaits you. This is the most classic and amazing bubble elimination game. This deluxe version is the only version that has Puzzle mode and Arcade Mode. Bring 3 or more consecutive bubbles together and eliminate. You will level up after clearing all the bubbles on the screen. How to play: You can not use the arrow at the bottom of the screen and you can directly tap and play anywhere on the screen. You can click the menu button to select other options and set it. Game Features: 1. Puzzle mode – more than 300 fun levels 2. Arcade Mode – you have to eliminate very quickly, because the bubbles will collect down slowly. 3. Game Center – You get 10 points for each bubble burst and you will be recorded in the global high score ranking. Let’s explore the world of Unknown new continent! Aim, Shoot and blast all bubbles on the screen to level up💥💥💥! Try to shoot and blast all bubbles to complete the 3-star goal on each level! You can buy a variety of items with the gold coins💰! More special effects such as bombs💣, rockets🚀 and more items are available for you to buy with coins. A new experience of Bubble Shooter Game! ⭐⭐⭐ Attention: Don’t play when you are in public transportation🚌🚎🚇🚋, you will forget your destination! 🤣🤣🤣 😎😎😎 The following exciting Features you should know!

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