Survival Penguin

Description of Survival Penguin Drop your enemy into the sea!This is your mission to complete!!3D exciting battle game that so many unique characters battle on various shapes of icebergs.The unique characters includes penguin, white bear, seal, ice girl and so on!Use items such as bomb, cannon, bat, ice cube, tornado to attack your enemy!Exciting 96 stages are waiting for your challenge! How to play Move Simply flick the screen to the direction where you want to. Flick a lot to move faster. Attack Tap the items on top of the character to use. Target Tap the enemy that you want to set as a target. After setting a target the penguin automatically faces the direction of the target.model: Since OS Android 2.3▼althi Game Movies▼althi Games▼Twitter ▼Facebook

Download APK(25.52MB)

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