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Description of AddToBag – My Store With AddToBag-My Store , you can build your ig store and start selling on instagram immediately. And it is free !!! No coding skills needed Our app will generate an online store automatically. Just couple minutes, you can have your own online store with shopping cart, payment service directly from paypal immediately. step 1: enter your email address step 2: instagram login (Note: You need to have instagram account first)step 3: choose your store domain and store name step 4: choose your country and currency step 5: enter your paypal account name step 6: Your store is ready to go ! Start to sell. Take your product pictures and share on instagram with our short link overlay feature. Just a reminder: Stop asking your customers to leave their email on the comment anymore. Anyone can steal your customers ! Your store with your own subdomain: Start your store before someone occupy the name you dream of. Online store tailor made for mobile buyers: Over 99% users use instagram on their mobile phone. Mobile optimised website is the key to make customers more convenient. Short code overlay on images you shared to instagram: You can only have one clickable link on your ig profile page. That is very inconvenience for users to find interested items. And sellers cannot check the traffic from ig. Our short link is the shortest compare with other service. With our 5 character domain and the 4 character short code Easy to get users attention and won't block the items image All the product picture will have a beautiful short link overlay on it. Users can reach your product page by 1) entering short code at our webpage (Open the page within 3 seconds) or 2) typing the short link at browser Sync with your ig account Your store can be at the same pace of your ig account. Users can find the product quickly after finding interested items on your ig. Manage your store anywhere With order notification, you will not miss any order and ship your items quickly. You can start to sell online even having a full time job. Inventory control Don't need to worry products sold out. Our online store will handle it. Product Variations You can sell item with different size or colour. Customers can choose their preference easily with our item menu.

Download APK(11.12MB)

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