KIVI – All Videos for Kids

Description of KIVI – All Videos for Kids We have encapsulated the heart of moms and dads who wish to show their children only safely the best. This application is available in Korean.■ Making Youtube videos for infants and children more convenient! We provide hundreds of educational contents for infants and children selectively, and you can conveniently watch the videos that your children like and need for free. In addition, parents will be able to control the excessive video watching of children in the timer function.■ Free 30GB cloud storage just for your children! The videos in your PC or mobile can be uploaded in the 30GB free cloud space provided by KIVI to be conveniently managed. Utilize this as a video storage just for your children! √ Enjoy with Cookies! Expansion of capacities and other premium services could be used via Cookies, an item given out as a bonus. If you sign up, you receive a maximum of 3,000 Cookies, and other activities such as logging in inviting a friend to join also allows you to receive cookies. You can enjoy uploaded videos for free. √ Usage of Movies 1) Youtube videos can be watched for free. Meet various videos for children, such as songs for children, fairy tales, English, education, animals, lullabies, and animations. However, downloading is not allowed according to Youtube’s policies. ※ Watching Youtube videos are only allowed when the Youtube application is installed(and used). 2) When watching and downloading uploaded videos, small amounts of Cookies are deducted, and you can watch movies freely with the bonus Cookies given every day. √ Tips for adding videos 1) You can edit of delete the default Youtube section contents. Press the section or contents for a long time to use various functions such as deletion, changing the names, and moving to a different place. 2) Clicking the + button on the main screen makes it possible to add Youtube sections, Youtube searches, and personal uploads. Youtube section addition allows addition of videos from a single season to a section(folder) in one movement. Select a category(education, girls, English), and select a desired section, click Add button, and it will be added on the pain page. 3) If there isn’t a Youtube section that you like, you can personally search the Youtube to add the videos that you like. When adding from the section, it is registered onto that section, and adding from the main adds to the default ‘Youtube Searched’ section. 4) KIVI provides 30GB of free video cloud space. You can use PC uploads on the official site( and only videos can be uploaded. Data fees can arise from mobile usage, and therefore usage from a Wifi environment is recommended. √ Player GuideThis application was created through custom controller by adhering to the API guide provided by Youtube. As for Youtube videos, you need to have Youtube application installed(and used) to watch Youtube videos. In playing videos, loading may be lengthened or declined through Wifi/3G/4G network environments. √ Copyright Guide – The Youtube videos provided by this application are videos that the copyright holders have uploaded onto Youtube themselves, and are contents with licenses allowed on the Copyright management System. If the copyright holders who are assumed to have problems regarding copyright, when the content is blocked on Youtube, it is blocked on this application as well. All the traffic and the profits arising from the video are given to the copyright holder.

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