Description of Qaller Qaller allows you to take charge of your Cloud PBX from your mobile phone. Quickly forward calls to your mobile phone when on the road or to a coworker when you're in a meeting. On a lunch break? Enable a flow control to make sure all calls will be taken care of.Qaller allows you to:- Forward calls to your mobile- Forward calls to your voicemail- Forward calls to a coworker- Manage Flow Controls- Change your outgoing Caller IDEnable Qaller Plus to unleash the true power of the app. Place and receive work phone calls no matter where in the world you are, as if you were sitting at your desk in the office.Qaller Plus allows you to:- Call your colleagues on their extension- Call external numbers with your company Caller ID- Answer incoming calls to your extension from your mobile phone- See if your colleagues are available or in a callQaller can only be used with specific Telephony Providers, ask your IP Telephony Provider whether your PBX is compatible with Qaller and Qaller Plus.

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