Speech2RTT® Communicator (Unreleased)

Description of Speech2RTT® Communicator (Unreleased) About———-Speech2RTT® Communicator, an IDEAL Group innovation, is an Android-based mobile app that handles all of the following processes, locally, on smart phones:1. Speech recognition/transcription/in-context error correction;2. Immediate, real-time, streaming of the text, generated in step #1; and,3. Two-way, real-time text, communications.Speech2RTT® Communicator enables users who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, and speech-impaired (with medium-fine motor control of their hands and fingers), to communicate with anyone, including people who can hear, speak, and see. Users are given the option of communicating using:1. Speech to real-time text technology; or,2. A virtual/physical/Bluetooth smart phone keyboard.Speech2RTT® Communicator accommodates users in 90+ countries:http://speech2rtt.com/category/countries/Once a connection is established using a phone number, every word each user speaks/types, in any one of 60+ languages:http://speech2rtt.com/category/languages/Their speech is then transcribed into text, error corrected, and streamed (in real-time) to each other’s smart phone. If a user opts not to speak, or is unable to speak, they can type what they wish to say using their smart phone’s virtual, physical, or Bluetooth keyboard. In the case of using speech to real-time text, words are streamed one-by-one. In the case of typing, words are streamed character-by-character, in real-time.Benefits————-* 24×7 Availability: Available for use at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;* Allows sharing chat conversations with participants;* Allows users to search through contacts easily to locate people;* Automatically compresses the text being streamed, in real-time, for optimal bandwidth use:* Continue a previous conversations from where it last left off, if you desire to do so;* Conversations are 100% private as no communications assistants (CAs) are involved;* Customized word prediction and word expansions via specialized keyboards;* Enables users to communicate while on the go since it is a mobile app;* Fast: Less than 300 ms latency;* No limits imposed on lengths of Real Time Text (RTT) conversations;* No voice-training is needed, even with accents;* Permits calling people even if their installation of Speech2RTT® Communicator is not active;* Portable and Convenient: No special telephones, or other equipment, needed;* Private: Conversations are 100% private since your conversations do not involve communication assistants (CAs);* Provides free local, national, and international (RTT) conversations;* Secure: Provides end-to-end encryption;* Streaming text will automatically “catch up” should there be an unstable network connection;Disclaimer: http://speech2rtt.com/disclaimer/Privacy Policy: http://speech2rtt.com/privacy-policy/Guidelines for Use: http://speech2rtt.com/guidelines/Installation Manual: http://speech2rtt.com/installation-manual/User Manual: http://speech2rtt.com/user-manual/Support: http://speech2rtt.com/support/Credits: http://speech2rtt.com/credits/

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