YZ Encryption/Decryption

Description of YZ Encryption/Decryption YZ Encryption/Decryption offers text (alphabets , numbers , symbols , capital letters) encryption and decryptionwith a very user-friendly user interface. Encrypted words are also passcoded for higher protection. a text is stored in a passcode , encrypted text can be sent to people that possesses the passcode for decryption. Ideal for secured communication. This application can also be used to encrypt multiple important information and the user can write the encrypted information anywhere they pleases , all they need is the passcode to access and decrypt the information.How to use :1.) Type in any text that is to be encrypted/decrypted in the white box on top.2.) Enter any 4 digit passcode.3.) Hit encrypt to encrypt and decrypt to decrypt. Output will appear in green in the black box.———————————————————————————————————————————————————-Disclaimer : I do not own the feature graphic's background red binary image.To a certain someone : Also , Grey is NOT a color >:

Download APK(1.37MB)

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